Strategically across the finish line of the Brazilian Jockey Club, a sophisticated Amazon oasis. Rustic and impeccable architecture, is the perfect space for meetings and mismatches of all natures.

On weekends, our track becomes the ideal setting for unforgettable nights, with some of the most exciting events of  Rio’s agenda. At any time of the day, a unique experience. You bet!

Av. Bartolomeu Mitre, 1.314
Gávea, RJ | (21) 3114-0853
(21) 99982-9195

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Pai D’Égua

North’s Cheese with basil leafs flamed with cachaça (traditional Brazilian distilled).


Sandwich selection mini-club served with diable sauce. Flavors: Salmon, Dried Tomato, Olive with Turkey & Roast Beef.

Arrombado na Seca

Camembert Cheese with Chutney of the day & Handmade Toast. Chutney Options: Pineapple e Brazilian Ginger, Açaí or Cupuaçu.

Roupa Velha

Baguette with roast beef cooked in beer, shredded and braised with red onions on the heated plate.



Energy Drink based on the Mangataraia’s Lemon juice  and Ginger.


Energy Drink based on Ginger’s juice, Lemon & Gooseberry.


Green Grapes aromatized with Basil or Spearmint.


Sicilian Lemon, Tahiti Lemon, Spearmint, Cinnamon & Cachaça (Santa Dose).

Red Frizzante

Chandon’s drink with Red Bull Red.

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